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Bundle Litter

Born 2nd April 2005

Sire: Sh Ch Goytre Prince of Dreams JW SHCM

Dam: Kamarda Guinevere at Elthea

All these puppies have found loving homes

Image: Bundle litter at 6 weeks

Elthea Bundle of Mischief - red & white dog
Elthea Bundle of Joy - black & white bitch
Elthea Bundle of Charm - red & white bitch
Elthea Bundle of Trouble - lilac & white dog
Elthea Bundle of Fun - lilac & white bitch
Elthea Bundle of Laughs - lilac & white dog
Elthea Bundle of Tricks - lilac & white dog
Elthea Bundle of Delight - blue & white bitch

All of this litter are genetically clear of CEA & CL by parentage.
They were all BAER hearing tested at 6 weeks old. Unfortunately, Elthea Bundle of Delight is deaf in one ear. This doesn't affect her though and proves the need for hearing testing, as without it we would never have known.

Elthea Bundle of Mischief

Image: Chief at a year old

Chief lives with Chris Onslow and family who intend to train him in agility and flyball

Elthea Bundle of Joy

Image: Betsy at 2 years old

Betsy lives in Sweden with the Petterssons who intend to show and train in agility and herding

Elthea Bundle of Charm

Image: Leeloo at 2 years old

Leeloo lives with Stephanie in Rickmansworth. Leeloo has done some flyball but is now concentrating on her agility career

Elthea Bundle of Trouble

Image: Elthea Bundle of Trouble

Teddy is owned by the Shearings in Hampshire, he's passed his Gold Good Citizens Award and is competing in flyball

Elthea Bundle of Fun

Image: Stella at 5 months old

Stella is owned by Kathy Mangan in Cheshire. She's passed her Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizens test and is now concentrating on her training for competitive obedience. She is also lightly shown in the Breed Ring with numerous places.

Elthea Bundle of Laughs FD Silver

Image: Elthea Bundle of Laughs

Chuckle is owned by Jane and lives with Elthea Highland Skye in Harpenden. Chuckle has passed Silver Good Citizens and competes in flyball with the High Flyers Flyball Teams and has gained his Flyball Dog Silver Award

Elthea Bundle of Tricks

Image: Merlin at 15 months old

Merlin is owned by Helen Best in Essex. He's doing very well at his training classes and is having a go at agility

Elthea Bundle of Delight

Image: Elthea Bundle of Delight

Angel lives with Carole and Dave Loader in St Albans. She's passed her Puppy, Bronze and Silver Good Citizens and is now enjoying agility. Angel is unfortunately deaf in one ear but this doesn't affect her at all. If we hadn't of tested we wouldn't have known which proves what a valuable test this is.

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