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Forever Litter

Born 20th December 2008

Sire: Elthea Wizard of Oz

Dam: Elthea Dynamic Secret

All these puppies have found loving homes

Image: l-r Marley, Cracker, Flame, Spook - photo taken on their 1st birthday

Elthea Forever Crackers - Cracker - lilac & white bitch
Elthea Forever Faithful - Spook - black & white bitch
Elthea Forever Festive - Felix - blue & white dog
Elthea Forever Special - Solo - lilac & white bitch
Elthea Forever Chestnut - Flame - red & white bitch
Elthea Forever Ice - Ice - blue & white dog
Elthea Forever Present - Marley - black & white dog

All the puppies are DNA Normal for CEA, CL & TNS by parentage, eye tested unaffected and BAER Hearing tested Normal except Spook who is deaf in her left ear, but this won't affect her at all and she'll go on to lead a normal life. If we didn't test we wouldn't know!

Elthea Forever Crackers

Image: Elthea Forever Crackers

Cracker lives with Katie and Chris on their farm and works cows, sheep and chickens as well as being a much loved family pet.

Elthea Forever Faithful

Image: Elthea Forever Faithful

Spook lives with Hannah and has got her Gold Kennel Good Citizens Award, has recently retired from Grade 5 agility.  Loves tracking and scentwork.  Spook is a very much loved family member, with her sweet and commical nature.

Elthea Forever Festive

Image: Elthea Forever Festive

Felix has gone to live with Julie and is competing in agility

Elthea Forever Special

Image: Elthea Forever Special, pictured the day she was born

Sadly, Solo lost her fight for life when only 3 days old, and died peacefully in my arms. Run free little one. xx

Elthea Forever Chestnut

Image: Elthea Forever Chestnut

Flame has gone to live with Chris and Vanessa and their baby and is competing in flyball with the Racing Herts Flyball Team as well as doing agility

Elthea Forever Ice

Image: Elthea Forever Ice

Ice lives with Michelle and Willow (Elthea Hit The Rite Note).  Michelle describes him as a "Dog in a Million".  Ice enjoys obedience and Rally O.  Ice is available at stud to approved bitches.

Elthea Forever Present

Image: Elthea Forever Present

Marley has gone to live with Shaun and Louise.  Marley competes in agility and canicross, and previously in flyball.

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