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Lost Dogs

What to do if your dog is lost or stolen

1. Inform local police, dog wardens, rescue centres, local papers, dog clubs, dog trainers etc. Not just for the area the dog was lost in, but surrounding areas as well.

2. If a pedigree dog, let your breed rescues, breed clubs and breeders know as well. Most breeds have a close network and will rally round to help.

3. Put posters up everywhere, local dog walking areas, shops, vets etc.

4. Get details on as many websites as possible, all across the country.

5. Email everyone in your address books... and ask them to do the same. You'll be surprised how quickly information travels across the net!

The more people that know the better your chances of having your dog returned to you safely and quickly. You can never have too much publicity!

Below are some useful links to get you started

Dog Lost

Dog Pages

Dog Theft Action

National Dog Wardens Association

Vet List

Keeping Your Dogs Safe

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but prevention is better than cure as they say!

Please be very careful with your dogs. Never leave your dogs unattended outside shops, or in an unlocked car. Even for a second. It doesn't take opportunistic thieves long to take advantage of a situation.

And please remember it is a legal requirement for your dogs to wear a collar with an identity tag with your name and address on it in a public place, this includes inside your car! Ideally, you should also have a telephone number on there as well.

It is also advisable to have your dogs microchipped. Most dog thieves these days have scanners, and will quickly dump a dog that is microchipped as they'll be unable to sell them on. Hopefully then the dog will be picked up by a caring passer-by and will be reunited with it's owner. Please make sure if you move or change your phone number that the database is updated so that PetLog can contact you!

If you would like your dogs or cats microchipped and live fairly locally to me, I am a qualified microchipper. Or if you are involved with any dog clubs, I am always happy to do a session at the club or at shows at a reduced rate.

Click here for more information on Microchipping

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