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Planned Litters

We have no further plans to breed at this time

If you're interested in getting a pedigree Border Collie, I'd recommend you contact the Kennel Club for a list of Accredited Breeders.

Any responsible breeder should be happy to answer your questions about the breed. Show you the results of any health screening they've done, at the very least both parents should be eye tested, hip scored and DNA tested for CEA. Other tests available include BAER Hearing test, elbow scoring, gonioscopy and DNA tests for CEA and CL. We also have epilepsy in the breed, and although research is being done, at the moment unfortunately there is no test for it. However, please make sure you ask the breeder if there are any known problems in their line. Any breeder worth their salt will be honest with you.

You should be able to see the dam with the litter and the sire as well or if he's not owned by the breeder they should be happy to pass on contact details for his owner. Please make an effort to meet the sire as you need to check he also has a suitable temperament.

If in any doubt at all, walk away. The right puppy is always worth waiting for.

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