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Meet the Dogs

Image: Squirrel, Ollie, Tammy, Wizard, Ebony

Image: Kamarda Guinevere at Elthea

Kamarda Guinevere at Elthea

Image: Elthea Wizard of Oz

Elthea Wizard of Oz

Image: Elthea Carry On Regardless FDI

Elthea Carry On Regardless FDG

Image: Elthea Dynamic Secret

Elthea Dynamic Secret

Image: Elthea Endless Party

Elthea Endless Party

Image: Elthea Indian Moon

Elthea Indian Moon

Image: Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me


Image: Elthea Ace Dreamer & Elthea Ace of Spades

Puppies are sometimes available to suitable homes, click here for more details

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