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Dynamic Litter

Born 25 February 2007

Sire: Sh Ch Goytre Prince of Dreams JW SHCM

Dam: Elthea Highland Breeze FD Silver

All these puppies have found loving homes

Image: Dynamic Litter

Photo above from left to right - Squirrel, Ruby, Blake, Chase and Indi.

This pair have again given us a beautiful litter.

Elthea Dynamic Flame (Ruby) - Red & White bitch
Elthea Dynamic Pursuit(Chase) - Black & White dog
Elthea Dynamic Warrior (Milo) - Black & White dog
Elthea Dynamic Reflection (Lacy) - Lilac & White bitch
Elthea Dynamic Secret (Squirrel) - Red & White bitch
Elthea Dynamic Surprise (Indi) - Blue & White bitch
Elthea Dynamic Legend (Blake) - Black & White dog

This litter has been bred in partnership with Gill Johnson who owns Breeze.

All the puppies are eye and hearing tested normal and genetically clear of CEA, CL and TNS by parentage.

Elthea Dynamic Flame

Image: Elthea Dynamic Flame

Ruby lives with Jane Scorer and is enjoying agility

Elthea Dynamic Pursuit

Image: Elthea Dynamic Pursuit

Chase lives with Sophie Macbeth and competes in agility. Hip score 6-7

Elthea Dynamic Warrior

Image: Elthea Dynamic Warrior

Milo lives with Sarah and Matthew Jones

Elthea Dynamic Reflection

Image: Elthea Dynamic Reflection

Lacy lives with the Toogoods and is enjoying flyball

Elthea Dynamic Secret

Image: Elthea Dynamic Secret

Squirrel stayed here with us. She is the clown in the family who loves life. She has passed her Gold Good Citizens, and is now doing flyball and agility.

Hips 6-4, Elbows 0-0, Gonioscopy Normal

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Elthea Dynamic Surprise

Image: Elthea Dynamic Surprise

Indi lives with Gill Johnson and family.
Indi has passed her Silver KC Good Citizens Award and is now competing in flyball with the Racing Herts Flyball Team, and has gained her Flyball Dog Graduate Award.
Indi has been Gonioscopy tested Normal

Elthea Dynamic Legend

Image: Elthea Dynamic Legend

Blake lives with Pippa White and family, he's passed his Gold Kennel Club Good Citizens Test, and is now enjoying agility.

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