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Elthea Indian Moon

Image: Elthea Indian Moon

Born 6th April 2010
Lilac & White Bitch
Eyes Unaffected
Hearing Normal
DNA Normal for CEA, CL & TNS

Lichi was originally destined to go to Hungary but at 8 weeks was diagnosed with a heart murmur, so her trip was cancelled and she stayed here with us.

Her heart murmur was caused by a PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis) and needed surgical correction to prevent her from going into heart failure and enabling her to live a normal life. She was referred to Cardiologist Simon Swift at NorthWest Surgeons who performed the surgery, and we cannot thank him enough for saving our beautiful puppy.

Lichi has recovered well from her surgery and is now a normal happy puppy.

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Image: Elthea Indian Moon

Image: Elthea Indian Moon

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