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In an ideal world, we'll all be able to stay at home all day and play with our pets. But unfortunately, in today's busy world this isn't always possible. But why should we miss out on the companionship of our four legged friends?

Most rescue organisations and breeders will be happier letting fulltime workers adopt one of their puppies if they know you've made arrangements for the dog to be cared for during the day. I'll be happy to meet them prior to adoption, to ensure everyone is happy.

Puppy Visits

If you've got a young puppy (or planning on getting one), then they'll need 3 or 4 small feeds daily. I can visit your puppy while you're out and let them out for toilet, feed, play and put back to bed while awaiting your return. I can take them for a short walk (in my arms if not vaccinated) so they can experience the outside world.

If your puppy is fully vaccinated, then I can bring one of my dogs with me to help socialise your puppy. An important part of puppy development is learning how to communicate with other dogs so they grow up confident and well adjusted.

Dog Walking

Whether you want a regular walk or a one off due to due to another commitment, I can collect your dog while you're out, take them for an hour's walk, and bring them back to you, happy, tired and rubbed down. You've got peace of mind that they've had fun while you're out, and the dog's happy and relaxed after his walk.


I'm also a qualified microchipper.
Microchipping is the recommended permanent form of identification for your pets.

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If you live in Stockbridge, Hampshire or surrounding areas, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation, free of charge and with no obligation, to discuss your requirements.

Tel 01264 810196
Email elthea@live.co.uk

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