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"Elthea Dynamic Secret"

Sire: Sh Ch Goytre Prince of Dreams JW SHCM

Dam: Elthea Highland Breeze FD Silver

Image: Elthea Dynamic Secret (Photo by Nick Ridley)

Red & White Bitch
Date of Birth 25 February 2007
Eyes unaffected, Gonioscopy Normal
DNA Normal by Parentage for CEA, CL and TNS
BAER Hearing Tested Normal
Hip Score - 6-4
Elbow Score - 0-0

Full sister to Ebony, Squirrel has a very loving temperament and comical outlook on life. Always on the go and wanting to play.

Squirrel has passed her Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizens.

Squirrel's flyball career has got off to a good start, she's focused and consistent and loves every minute of it.

We've also started on a little bit of agility training, which has taken to very well and is showing promise. After only a few sessions she's doing contacts, weaves and tunnels.

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Click here to see Squirrel's litter by Elthea Wizard of Oz

Image: Squirrel 4 months

Image: Photo by Julia Carley

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