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Wizard 2

"Sh Ch Goytre Prince of Dreams JW ShCM"

Image: Goytre Prince of Dreams JW SHCM

Wizard is a handsome red & white dog owned by Julia and Vicky Carley. He has an excellent temperament and has done well in the show ring, winnimg 2 CC's and 4 RCC's his first being at only 8 months old. He is currently the top winning Red & White male Border Collie in the UK.

Update - 27 May 2007. Wizard wins his 3rd CC at Bath Champ Show, making him up the first male Red & White Border Collie Show Champion!

Wizard lives a busy life, showing that he's not just got the looks but he also has brains. He enjoys agility, gaining several places in his first season and also enjoys Heelwork to Music, although this is mainly just for fun.

Wizard's hip score is 5-6, eye and hearing tested normal and DNA tested Normal for CEA, CL and TNS. This means he cannot produce any puppies affected by CEA, CL or TNS.

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Wizard is the sire of our

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Carry On Litter

Bundle Litter

Image: Wizard jumping

Image: Wizard

Image: Wizard jumping through Vicky's arms

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